Vladdin vs Juul,Which one is better?

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 If you're looking to buy an easy-to-use vape pen-like device like JUUL, your choices are a little spoiled right now.Thanks to JUUL's success,vladdin the market is flooded with portable pen-type vape devices.There are hundreds of options.But in terms of market share and overall sales, juul remains the undisputed king - the company is worth $16 billion!
I like juul, don't get me wrong.The device is simple to use, you can get JUUL pods everywhere, and it works as advertised. All good things.
But I do have a few questions to recommend JUUL, and they are all very big issues.The first is battery life: it's bad - it's long. You'll see 200 bubbles before you need to charge it. It's not ideal, especially if you want to quit smoking.
Second is the price of the JUUL pod: they're expensive - again, very expensive! 4 packs of JUUL pods cost $15.99.While you can save up to 15 percent on all JUUL pods using JUUL's car shipment plan, the cost is still significant.Each JUUL pod can last 200 times. You'll get four JUUL pods. That means, for $15.99, you can suck up to 800 mouthfuls.
Even if you get a 15 percent discount on your JUUL pods, it will still cost you a lot of money in the long run.Of course, you can choose the third-party JUUL pod.Things like ZIIP pods are cheaper and bigger, but they do lack the punch and sophistication of JUUL's custom pods.