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China Southern Airlines has announced the launch of the new flight between Nairobi and also the Chinese town of Guangzhou inside a move likely to increase amount of trade and cultural interactions one of the two countries, air travel officials stated in Nairobi on Tuesday. Ningbo to Macau flight

The air travel presently has scheduled two weekly flights backward and forward metropolitan areas, departing on Monday and Friday, Wu Weijun, the overall manager of China Southern Airlines, told journalists in Nairobi."Beginning This summer 9, we shall introduce another weekly direct flight from Nairobi to Guangzhou," stated Wu.He stated Nairobi functions because the airline's hub for Africa, taking advantage of Kenya Airways' extensive network across Africa.

"Using the launch of Guangzhou Nairobi direct flight in 2015, we've to date transported 120,000 passengers. We be proud of creating a flyover between Africa and China," stated Wu.He stated the air travel has partnered with Kenya Airways to make sure that most passengers from across Africa possess a smooth link with China Southern Airlines beginning with visiting Kenya.

The air travel also offers extensive network across Southern Asia, enabling passengers from Africa whose destination isn't China to obtain seamless connections over the region.Elevated flights between Africa and China is definitely an symbol of growing trade and cultural exchanges backward and forward, with Nairobi proving itself to be the connecting hub for China and Africa, stated Wu.