Pandora is back on Rue La La today

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The pandora essence collection is coming out with new designs for this season and it will debut with the rest of the Spring 2017 Collection. It will be available on March 16th, so not much longer now! I’m so glad to see this line expanding as I really like this dainty style.There’s not a lot of new beads in this release but it is a fun set nonetheless. I especially love the enamel ones with the delicate translucent flower design. This is also the first time that Essence has featured dangles, which are nice and small, as well as a spacer bead which doesn’t look that much different than the regular charms.


For this month, shop pandora earrings had another big release at the beginning of March. It includes the Bead of the Month Bunny Reaper, another limited edition charm Woodstock along with a regular set of accompanying dangles, and a couple of single designs called Dirty Laundry and Ohm Jar. It’s a really fun collection as we’re gearing up for spring!The Bunny Reaper is a grisly yet still adorable take on the loveable Easter Bunny. As Ohm describes him, the Bunny Reaper is here for the most prettily decorated eggs and he’s going to collect them all! There are only 555 made of this extremely limited edition and they’re selling fast.