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i m....wat i am ..[:0]
well everybody thinks....its the most difficult thing to describe ownself. bt i think its much easier to explain myself than other. i believe everyone has two is inside n the other one outside. we cant c anyone;s inside face. bt we can c both the faces......of our own.
anyways.....i belong to a typical middle class family. i love to c dreams.....doesnt matter ...whethr they cum true or nt. i love to hangout wid frnds. well i dont have an army of frnds......there are only some selected frnds.
My mood always keep on that doesnt mean ....m afickle minded. have to do a lot in the cumin m just teking a rest. its like the 5-10 seconds,,,before starting to run for a race. m also resting...but m ready to run, as i lll hear the sound of BANG of the gun.
sometimes i m very boring to others, sometimes.....they find me quite interesting. sometimes a lil mysterious.
i like mountains......i like sea.....i like sun.....i like deep black wells, i like darkness, i like caves......i love my solitude. i love to be alone sometimes.
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Sex: Male
Country: India flag
City: kolkata
Date of birth: September 9, 1981
Profile status: Active
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